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City Style: Mission Street

Gritty but vibrant, San Francisco's Mission Street is the real deal for locals and tourists alike



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    Christian Razukas
    From art to zoot suits, films to fish heads, Mission has in crazy variety what Valencia has in trendy chic.

    Valencia Street may be where travel writers will tell tourists to go and hipsters wage highly publicized wars against their own, but Mission Street has plenty to offer.

    Mission Local put together a handy, printable map for those in town for the Pride Weekend festivities or anyone else who's crashing on your couch and looking for something to do.

    After all, where else can you buy overalls and a zoot suit, or choose between West African cocktails and Mexican aguas frescas?

    What you won't find are the overpriced vintage boutiques, trendy coffee shops, vegan burrito options and general clichéd whimsy that seem to attract out-of-towners like flies to a porta-potty.

    And the bonus is that hipsters have to compete with actual gritty street life for edgy urban credibility.

    Photo by Christian Razukas.

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