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Your iPhone Just Got Faster

Cell-ebrate a speedy upgrade



    Your iPhone Just Got Faster
    New applications are just the tip of the iPhone 3G iceberg.

    Tweeting your friends, checking your Facebook page and downloading apps for your iPhone just got faster, thanks to a tech boost from AT&T.

    The company unveiled more than 200 new cell sites throughout California Thursday and upgraded about 320 more sites to the super-fast 3G network.

    "Our number one priority in 2009 is to continue to enhance the wireless network so our customers have a top notch experience every time they make a call, check an e-mail or surf the Internet on their AT&T device," said Fred Devereux, regional president, AT&T West.

    The 3G technology makes mobile devices pretty much as useful as a laptop computer for some.
    But don't fret if you're not with AT&T. Many of the other popular carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile are also are upgrading their networks to 3G.

    So if you were waiting to get into the smartphone market, now's a good time to stimulate the economy.