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Meteorologist Explains Mavericks' Mess

Mild and "Spring-Like" Weather for now. Rain possible by Friday



    Jeff's Forecast: Fog To Drop Temps

    You've probably heard about the epic waves this weekend at the Mavericks surf contest.  Some experts say they were the biggest waves ever for a competition.

    The surf competition turned out to be even more hazardous for those watching the giant waves.  High tide coupled with the peak westerly swell (near 20-25ft.) resulted in some waves washing over some of the viewing areas near the A/V scaffolding and booths. 

    Many people were swept off their feet, and at least 13 were  treated for various injuries. The injuries to three people were serious  enough to require a trip to the hospital, including one person with a broken  leg.

    Scary for sure, and it serves as a reminder to everyone that during a high surf warning - to use extreme caution near the coast.  A high surf advisory continues through midday today for waves in the 12-16 ft. range.

    Also I've posted an answer to a "Why Is It?" -- email from a viewer wanting to know more about the Mavericks' wave heights

    Plus -- here's the video from Saturday's wild wave action from Mavericks:

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