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This Weeks' Rise and Fall of Water

Rainy week ahead will be compounded by rising "king" tide.



    Weather Videocast: Wintry Week Ahead

    If you're a fan of wintry weather - you will absolutely love the week ahead. (Published Monday, Feb. 14, 2011)

    It looks like Mother Nature is conspiring to make this week a really wet one here in the Bay Area.

    And experts say we need to get ready for the water to both rise and fall.

    The NBC Bay Area weather department has raindrops on every day of the work-week, with significant weather events promised for Tuesday and Wednesday.

    You can add to the wetness factor a promise of extremely high tides.  We are expecting king tides to come ashore on Wednesday through Friday. King tides happen twice a year. They are high tide events that are caused by the sun and the moon's gravitation forces. 

    San Francisco's Baykeeper says they show us what the water levels of the future will be like.  The pollution watchdog group will have people on shorelines and and on a boat in the Bay to document the impact the rising water.

    So grab your galoshes and your umbrella through Friday.