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Woman's Facebook Posts About Pimping Clear Suspect

A woman's claim to hold degrees in "advanced pimping" help man in court.

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Pimping Posts on FB Clear Suspect

Pimping isn't easy, according to one legendary song, and it probably shouldn't land on anyone's Facebook profile as a skill.

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Set status to pimp. And your new location to "jail."

A 23-year old former cable installer is out of San Francisco county jail after a woman who accused him of forcing her into prostitution claimed on Facebook to be a pimp herself, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

The woman, who claimed to be attacked in a San Francisco parking garage, also claims on Facebook to be a "head pimptress in charge," the newspaper reported. She also claims a college degree -- in "advanced pimping," the newspaper reported.

The woman's claims have landed the 23-year old male suspect in jail for the past 10 months.

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