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Apple Settles iPhone 4 "Death Grip" Lawsuit

Apple iPhone users angry about the "death grip" won $15 in federal court.



    Hold the phone -- and hold it the right way.

    Apple settled a lawsuit in federal court over its iPhone 4, in which customers were so livid over losing their signal depending on how they held their phones -- the so-called "death grip" which covers the antennae, leading to dropped calls -- that they sued the company in a class-action suit, according to reports.

    Plaintiffs' payout will be $15 in cash, or a "bumper," a case that prevents users from covering their phone's ability to communicate with the faraway towers and satellites with their meaty paws, according to SF Weekly.

    Apparently covering the bottom left corner of the phone in particular led to missed calls and poor quality of life -- and plaintiff's allegations that Apple engaged in "alleged fraud, false advertising, and breach of warranty" for slinging such a product, according to Courthouse News.

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    (Published Monday, March 19, 2012)

    It is too late to join in the suit, but there's no telling what you could hire a lawyer to win $15 over.