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No Shoving! Meg's Hands-On Management



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    At some points during the first period it seemed like every guy on the ice was shoving someone.

    I'm not sure what to make of the New York Times' report that eBay paid a settlement to an eBay employee whom then-chief Meg Whitman may have shoved (the details are murky and apparently known only to Whitman and the employee).

    But I do have three suggestions for how the Whitman campaign should spin this:

    "She's hands on, sometimes to a fault."

    "Just wait until you see the headlock Gov. Whitman puts Speaker Perez in once she gets him into a Big Five meeting."

    "She'll manhandle the special interests."

    That's right: Never be defensive.

    My other reaction, the one I suspect that many Californians will have upon hearing this story: If bosses are handing out six-figure settlements for a shove, can I get seven-figures if I convince my supervisor to punch me in the nose?