Charges Dropped Against Jail Nurse Who Allegedly Stole Pills

A pair of jail nurses will avoid jail time for allegedly stealing pills.

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    The pill-popping jail nurses accused of stealing inmates' medication will avoid jail -- as in working there, too.

    Former Santa Clara County Jail employees Elmer Alegado, 50, agreed to plead guilty to narcotics possession and will enter a court-supervised drug diversion program, and Rodolfo Idian, 54, will not face any charges, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

    The pair were accused of pocketing pills meant for inmates while at the jail.

    The pills were found in their lockers at work, but their lawyer argued that the pills were stashed for use by inmates when supplies ran low, not for the nurses, the newspaper reported.

    They have since been dismissed, but they will keep their nursing licenses, the newspaper reported.