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San Francisco Has its Information Crossed: Wireless Industry



    A wireless industry group has sued the city of San Francisco to stop it from enforcing a law that requires cell phone stores to post how much radio energy each model emits.

    In June, San Francisco passed a law requiring cellphone retailers to display -- in at least 11-point font -- the amount of radiation that each phone on their shelves emits.

    But the decision has not gone over well with opponones, like the Wireless Association, who say the requirment is based on unfounded thought that cell phone radiation can lead to cancer.

    Friday, the Wireless Association made its opposition official by filing a lawsuit against the City. The organization says it's the federal government, not the City, that regulates cell phones and that no one should be suggesting that lower radiation means it's a safer phone.

    The basis of the group's suit is that there is no hard evidence that phone radiation is dangerous.

    San Francisco passed a first-in-the-nation law that it says is "a modest measure" intended to inform consumers who are concerned or interested about radiation levels..