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After Pilot Rant, SF Lawmaker Calls for Boycott of Southwest Airlines



    Wanna get away from Southwest Airlines? Fiona Ma has your back.

    The San Francisco state Assemblywoman wants airline passengers to shun the discount carrier, after a pilot's rant against "gays, grannies and grandes," was captured on an audio recording, according to SF Weekly.

    An unidentified pilot, who was suspended and then returned to work by the airline, launched into an obscenity-laced, sexist diatribe that was inadvertentantly broadcast over the entire Southwest Airlines communication system.

    The source of his problem was the lack of doable flight attendants on his most recent junket.

    "There's 12 flight attendants... nothing but gays, grannies and grandes," said the pilot, before launching into an attack on all of the above perceived less-than-attractive flight attendants. "There's like maybe a handful of cute chicks."

    "Somebody's got a stuck mic and is telling us about all their endeavours -- we don't need to hear that," a broadcaster said, on the tape. "And they wonder why airline pilots have a bad reputation," another said.

    Ma is incensed because Southwest Airlines is the preferred airline carrier for state lawmakers, and, ostensibly, a frequent carrier for Ma, whose Sacramento office is a ways away from her home in San Francisco and the home of her fiance in Oxnard.

    "They need to do more than slap the guy on the wrist," Ma told SF Weekly. "His abusive comments are shocking. We hope Southwest will take more action."

    Listen to the clip for yourself here.