Bail Denied for Psychiatrist Accused of Molesting Boys

William Ayres will stay in jail ahead of a mental competency hearing.

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    Accused molester Dr. William Ayres, 80, has been denied bail on grounds that he faked dementia in order to avoid a retrial, according to reports.
    Ayres, a once-prominent Bay Area child psychiatrist, was tried in 2009 on charges that he molested five of his patients, according to the San Jose Mercury News. The jury hung, and Ayres was sent to the state prison hospital in Napa.

    Prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed he should be sent to Napa because he was unfit to defend himself, however, a report from Napa says that he faked dementia in order to avoid trial, the newspaper reported.
    A judge denied him bail from San Mateo County Jail as he awaits an Oct. 1 mental competency hearing.