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CHP Official Helped Son Escape During Rape Trial, Fresno County Sheriff Says

Family members of a man convicted in absentia on rape charges in Fresno County were arrested for allegedly helping him escape, the Fresno Bee reported



    Spencer Scarber, who was convicted in absentia of rape in Fresno County, was arrested last week in Mexico. His father, mother and sister were arrested on Sat., Feb. 16, for allegedly helping him to escape.

    A Fresno County man who fled to Mexico while on trial for rape has been arrested and his father, reportedly an assistant chief with the California Highway Patrol, has been detained for allegedly helping his son escape, officials said.

    The Fresno County Sheriff's Department said Spencer Scarber, 20, was arrested in Mexico last week and returned to California on Saturday.

    His father, Sheldon "Kyle" Scarber was taken into custody the same day, along with his mother, Gail Scarber, and his sister, Crystal Reynoso.

    Spencer Scarber was convicted in absentia of the rape, and police have been looking for him for two months, Sheriff Margaret Mims said in a news release.

    He disappeared on Dec. 12, Mims said.

    When authorities caught up with Spencer Scarber in Mexico, he was already in jail there - for allegedly using false identification.

    The Fresno Bee reported that Kyle Scarber is an assistant chief with the CHP's Central Division.