Cops Seek Man Who Fired Gun Into Ground at Stanford

Police are on the lookout for a man who fired a handgun into the ground in a Stanford University parking lot.

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    The man who fired a handgun into the ground at a Stanford University concert on Saturday night is sought by police.

    Nobody was wounded when the gun went off in a parking lot on the school's campus following the "Blackfest" concert, according to police. Still, that there was a shooting at Stanford at all is news to some.

    "It's been a very long time since anyone could recall there being shots on campus of any kind," university spokeswoman Lisa Lapin told the Palo Alto Daily News.

    A man fired a black handgun into the ground several times before leaping into a car and driving away, according to witnesses. Police pursued a white Lexus believed to be involved in the shooting. The occupants abandoned the car and fled on foot into a wooded area, where they were detained by police. They were released following questioning.

    Police impounded the car and are searching for a third occupant. They are also searching for the driver of a car described as a "burnt orange Lexus or Buick" with big rims and doors that open upward. The driver of that car supposedly flashed a silver handgun before driving away.

    He is not believed to be a Stanford University student, Lapin told the newspaper.