Warriors Coach Mark Jackson Tied to Ex-Stripper Extortion

A six-year old affair with a stripper landed Warriors coach Mark Jackson in an extortion scheme.

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    NBAE/Getty Images
    Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson is at the center of an FBI sting of an ex-stripper who allegedly tried to extort him for money.

    An extramarital affair with an ex-stripper landed Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson in further trouble when the woman and an accomplice tried to extort him for thousands of dollars, according to a report.

    Jackson allegedly began an extramarital affair with former New York club dancer Alexis Adams, 28, six years ago, according to TheSmokingGun.com. Adams then allegedly extorted $5,000 from Jackson in order to buy her silence -- and to keep private "compromising" photos of Jackson with Adams -- but it wasn't enough.

    Adams and accomplice Marcus Shaw, an ex-convict, then allegedly contacted Jackson's wife demanding "six-figure payment."

    Jackson then contacted the Warriors organization as well as the FBI.

    Jackson and the team released statements in which he apologized for his philandering, but thanked law enforcement for kiboshing his alleged attempted extorters.

    Jackson is an ordained minister and quoted the Bible in his statement.

    "I recognize the extremely poor judgment that I used both in having an affair six years ago — including the embarrassing communication I exhibited during that time - and in attempting to deal with the extortion scheme at first by myself," he said. "What goes on in the dark, comes out in the light."