Freezing Temps Chill Bay Area

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    Jeff Ranieri has the chilly forecast and Damian Trujillo reports on its impact to the community.

    Check out the numbers: 39 in San Jose, 34 in Berkeley, 28 in Walnut Creek, 0 in Truckee.

    Those would be degrees clocked Wednesday morning before the sun came up marking the season's first cold snap this winter season. Motorists should be ready for icy roadways.

    The freeze warning was in effect for the North  and South Bay through Thursday. Daylight and overnight temperatures will be below normal. Temperatures are expected to range from the low to mid 20s in those areas.

    The rest of the Bay Area, except San Francisco, will experience  frostier conditions from Wednesday evening into Thursday morning with lows  between the 30s and 40s, Henderson said.

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    [BAY] Bay Area Freeze Good News for Some Farmers
    Bob Redell reports on the crop that is happy to see this week's frigid forecast.

    The coldest temperatures are expected on Wednesday night going into Thursday morning, weather officials said.

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    Because of that, homeless people are urged to find shelter and farmers are already out protecting their fruit.  Crops and sensitive plants may be damaged and there is an  increased risk of hypothermia for those living outdoors, including animals.

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    Thursday morning will also see a frigid start to the day. Most everywhere in the Bay Area will see temperatures in the low 20s to high 30s, except for San Francisco, which should stay near 40 degrees.

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    Each afternoon should warm up to the 50s.

    Then for the weekend? Expect some showers on Friday and highs in the 50s.

    The Marin Municipal Water District is also warning people to wrap  up exposed pipes with foam insulation or install special blankets for  backflow devices. As an alternative people can also use old towels or blankets  secured with twine or wire.

    In the event where pipes do freeze people are advised to slowly turn on their water faucet to melt the ice, according to the district. Water in garden hoses should be drained before they are coiled.  

    Plants can also be protected by setting up tents with old sheets or tarps

    There was also plenty of snow in the Sierra. Jodi Hernandez takes us to the slopes below.

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