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Kitten Rides On Van Engine From Marin to Santa Cruz

Tabby kitten survives wild ride.



    Phil Gomez
    This cat survived a ride in a van from Mill Valley to Santa Cruz.

    Its wild-ride over, a kitten now searches for its owners.

    An eight-month-old tabby kitten climbed into the engine compartment of a van in Mill Valley, and was discovered -- shaken, but unharmed -- when the van's owner completed an 85-mile drive to Santa Cruz and "heard mewling" coming from his vehicle's engine on Wednesday at a gas station, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    The incident is remarkable not just for the well-traveled cat's scenic route over the Golden Gate Bridge to the popular surf town, but that the kitten survived the common cat mistake of climbing under a hood and onto an engine block to stay warm.

    "Many cats die or get severely burned" when they act thus, one county animal shelter official said.

    Kat Marin/SeaWorld San Diego

    The female kitten was wearing a studded leather collar and a blue bell with no identifying information, according to the newspaper.

    Anyone who recognizes the kitten should call the animal control officers at (831) 454-7200.