Major Milestone In Caldecott Tunnel Work

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    The expansion of the Caldecott Tunnel reaches a major milestone today. Crews are starting work on the Oakland side of the 4th bore hole.

    Drivers can't see the progress because of the sound wall, but it's getting there. So far, 900 of the 4,400 ft. of tunnel have been drilled. When it is done, it will add two lanes to the tunnel, easing reverse-commute congestion.

    Caldecott Tunnel 4th Bore

    [BAY] Caldecott Tunnel 4th Bore

    Work begins on Oakland side of the 4th bore of the Caldecott Tunnel. (Published Thursday, March 17, 2011)

    The expansion work will cost $391 million dollars.

    The expanded Caldecott Tunnel is expected to make life easier for approximately 160,000 drivers.