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Man Sleeping with Trash Nearly Killed by Compactor



    14-year-old hides in recycling bin

    Union City police say a homeless man sleeping in a recycling bin barely escaped with his life after the container was emptied into a compacting truck.
    Union City police Lt. Kelly Musgrove says the man was nearly killed when he and the rest of the contents in bin outside a Taco Bell were emptied into the truck.

    Musgrove says before the truck driver hit the compact button, he heard the man screaming and banging from inside the truck.

    "He's lucky the employee was not listening to loud music," Lt. Kellly Musgrove told the San Jose Mercury News.

    The homeless man was able to get out of the truck without being hurt.

     Musgrove told the paper homeless people sometimes sleep inside recycling bins in cold weather because they are cleaner than garbage cans.