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Mayor Ed Lee to Ask Sheriff Mirkarimi About Taking Leave

Mayor Ed Lee will try to have a heart-to-heart with Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.



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    San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee will hunker down with Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to discuss the sheriff potentially taking a leave of absence from his job during his domestic abuse trial.

    Mayor Ed Lee may add his voice to the chorus of political onlookers asking Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to step down while his trial on domestic abuse allegations is conducted, according to reports.

    The mayor said Monday that he will sit down for a one-on-one to discuss with the sheriff to "find out from him whether he can fulfill the duties of his office," according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Mirkarimi's legal woes -- the sheriff is accused of physically abusing his wife, Eliana Lopez; he will go on trial Feb. 24 -- present "distractons" from his job of running the Sheriff's Department, according to Lee.

    It's unclear if Lee has the power under the City Charter to suspend or remove Mirkarimi from power, according to the newspaper.

    Lopez has been stalwartly defending her husband, telling media that her family is a victim of "dirty politics," the newspaper reported. Lopez allegedly told a neighbor that her husband had bruised her during an argument, and allowed the neighbor to videotape her injury as well as a statement that Mirkarimi had bruised her before.

    A judge has issued a protective order that means Mirkarimi cannot see his wife or the couple's young son. He must also stay away from his Webster Street home.