Injured Dog Led to Mt. View Couple's Missing Status

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    A Mountain View couple reported missing after a weekend camping trip in the Los Padres National Forest has been found alive, Monterey County Sheriff's deputies said early Tuesday afternoon.

    Central Coast TV station KION reported Brandon Boer, 29, and his wife Amanda, 26, were found in the Miller Canyon area of the forest Tuesday. They were to be airlifted to safety.

    The Boers and their dog set out on what was expected to be a two-day camping trip on Friday but Brandon didn't show up for work Monday so his co-workers alerted authorities.

    The Boer's vehicle was found near China Camp, according to the sheriff's office. The California Highway Patrol Monday assisted in an aerial search of trails leading away from where the vehicle was found. They issued a "Be On the Lookout" alert for the couple and their dog.

    The California Highway Patrol conducted an aerial search of the trails leading away from where the Boers' car was parked as part of the search.

    The couple was found in the Miller Canyon area, sheriff's officials said. The couple told authorities they were on their way out of the forest when they were slowed down by their dog, who was suffering from an injured paw. The couple had to carry the dog out of the wilderness.