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Window-Washing Rig Dangles From Embarcadero One

Rig secured by 9:30 a.m.



    Christie Smith reports from San Francisco where a window washer had to perform a Spiderman type move to help secure a window washing rig that slipped over the side of a high rise tower early Friday morning. (Published Friday, Sept. 13, 2013)

    Authorities closed off some streets in San Francisco's Financial District Friday morning for more than two hours as a window-washing rig hung precariously from a high-rise at Embarcadero One.

    Police said no one was on the scaffolding platform when it slipped over the edge.

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    [BAY] RAW VIDEO: Window Washing Rig Dangles
    Lots of people were looking up in the skies of downtown San Francisco Friday morning.
    (Published Friday, Sept. 13, 2013)

    "The thing weighs almost 2,000 pounds, so I talked to the guy, the engineer, who is in charge and asked, 'Is this thing in danger of falling?' The look on his face. I said, 'Hey we better get up there'", San Francisco Battalion Chief Marty Ross said. .

    The rig  was first reported dangling about 7 a.m. from the 40th floor of a 41-story high building at 301 Clay Street.

    As a precaution, police closed Battery Street between Sacramento and Clay streets and also shut down the 28th through 30th floors of the building where the rig was located. A nearby building was also evacuated because it was directly below the dangling rig.

    A window washer performed a spiderman-like move down the side of the building on a tether to secure the rig. He was successful and the rig was pulled back up and over the edge of the building.

    Meanwhile, a crowd of onlookers gathered below to watch the unusual sight.

    RAW VIDEO:  Window-Washing Rig Dangles

    "Everybody was looking up. I thought it was worse. Fortunately no one was on it. A little bit shocking," Lynn Moreno said.

    Police reported the window-washing rig had been secured at about 9:20 a.m..

    Everything reopened at 9:38 a.m., the fire official said.

    San Francisco Municipal Railway buses on the 1-California and 41-Union routes were temporarily rerouted around the scene, Muni officials said.

    No injuries were reported. It was immediately clear how the rig came to be in such a precarious position.