Yorks Part of Group Buying Great America

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    A $70 million deal to purchase the Great America theme park in Santa Clara partners the Santa Clara Stadium project with the amusement site. NBC Bay Area's Business & Tech reporter Scott Budman has the story from Santa Clara. (Published Monday, Sept. 19, 2011)

    The owners of the San Francisco 49ers are going into the entertainment business.

    Commentary on the team's play aside, the York family is reportedly part of a deal to purchase the Great America theme park in Santa Clara.

    The San Jose Mercury News reports that the Yorks, who own the 49ers, have an unknown stake in a $70 million deal to purchase the park with JMA Ventures.

    The move will end a contentious lawsuit between Cedar Fair, the current owners of Great America, and the city of Santa Clara partly over having to share a parking lot with the team.

    Cedar opposed a proposal to build a stadium for the 49ers next-door to the theme park on city land. Santa Clara currently leases the land the park operates on to Cedar for $5 million a year.

    Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews told the paper that the city may consider increasing the rent for the land if the council approves of the final deal.

    JMA could begin operating the park by the end of the year and it has said it will retain all employees and continue their current benefits.