Circumcision Would Make San Francisco Look Out of Touch: Newsom

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    Mayor Gavin Newsom says he doesn't want his city to look out of touch.

    Cheap jokes were off the table as Mayor Gavin Newsom tried to explain how he felt about an attempt to outlaw circumcisions in San Francisco.

    But taking a pot shot at one of his political rivals wasn't off limits.

    “Not even Daly would do this,” Newsom told the San Francisco Examiner while "chuckling."

    But one city resident's proposed ballot measure to make it illegal to perform a circumcision in the City was enough to make Newsom do a double take. The mayor said his office to find out who submitted the measure to the Department of Elections.

    The politician, who has not been afraid to take stands that further his city's stigma as a liberal Mecca, said the bill goes too far. He said if the measure became law it would make San Francisco look out of touch. 

    “Why do something that makes us look like we are completely out of touch?” He said.

    If the measure is able to gain enough signatures to make it to the ballot and then passes, Newsom did promise to do one thing, according to the Ex: nip it in the bud.