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Air Mouse App Is the Swiss Pocket Knife for Powerpoint Freaks

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    This app is perfect for PowerPoint freaks.

    You can never have too many mice. Wait, that's not how the saying goes. Movea has a new iPhone 4 app that will effectively turn your smartphone into an air mouse — one that is turbo-charged with functions.

    Powerpoint enthusiasts will be in love with the Movea air mouse app. The app brings scrolling, panning and zooming action to any slideshow. In addition to those functions, the app can also double as a drawing tablet, allow image stamps and includes a highlighter function. As if that weren't enough, the air mouse's cursor can even act as a laser pointer.

    The app works in conjunction with Movea's MotionTools software (Mac and PC compatible). App launching and a remote control for your music library via gesture swipes add even more value to the app.

    Movea's Air Mouse iPhone app is only $2. Quite affordable in these terrible economic times if I do say so myself. The app looks even more appealing when you consider the original Movea Air Mouse was $99.

    Movea, via Slashgear

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