Fixed App Helps Motorists Fight San Francisco Parking Tickets

Pay someone else to fight your parking tickets for you -- with an app.

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    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
    Fight this with an app.

    You can fight the law and win -- but why bother when you can get an app to do your fighting for you?

    Fixed is the app that fights your parking tickets for you, with the swipe of a finger on a smartphone the only action required.

    According to NPR, about half of parking tickets in San Francisco are dismissed -- but getting through the process is time-consuming and often leads people who would get off scot-free to pay up like common scofflaws.

    But by using Fixed, ticketed drivers can hire an advocate to fight a parking ticket for them. If the "fixer" is successful, users pay the app 25 percent of what the ticket would cost.

    If the ticket is valid and must be paid, users owe the ticket -- nothing more.

    Not bad when time is money.

    Found David Hegarty says the app is available only in San Francisco but that he's been hearing "pleas" from drivers in LA.