Custom Mercedes Is an Apple Fanboy's Pleasure Palace on Wheels

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    We love fast cars and tech toys here at Dvice so when you wrap both together in one package, the result is an irresistible orgy of Dviceness.

    Starting with the Mercedes-Benz S Class as its base, German tuning shop Brabus created the iBusiness by adding a huge suite of Apple-centric gear to their top-of-the-line SV12-R luxury sedan.

    Even without the Apple toys, the SV12-R is a mind-boggling package. With 750 horsepower and almost 1000-lb/feet of torque on tap, the huge car can hit 211-mph, and sprints from 0-60-mph in under four seconds. That's fast enough to embarrass just about any exotic supercar, and this one can carry four passengers with their luggage.

    To turn the SV12-R into a rolling multimedia center and office, Brabus has installed a Mac mini in an electrically operated tray in the trunk, which plays through a flip down LCD video display that stows in the ceiling and a multi-channel surround sound system. Dual iPads with Apple keyboards can be used for work, or to operate the Mercedes-Benz COMAND system that controls everything from the navigation system to the vehicle's climate control. The whole shebang connects to the Internet with a 3G connection.

    Each iBusiness package is built to order making it hard to pin down a price, but when you consider that the "regular" SV12-R without the Apple goodies runs over half a million dollars, I think you get the basic idea.

    Brabus, via Born Rich

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