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You're Busted: Cell Phone-Detecting Pocket Square



    Here's Awarefashion, a cellphone-detecting tool that might interest opera house bouncers and snooty by-the-book flight attendants.

    This little pocket square is bristling with electronic paraphernalia, capable of detecting any activity on the GSM band. When it senses cellphones in the vicinity, a variety of LEDs light up like a Christmas tree. Nice design concept; now go build it.

    Because jamming cellphone signals inside theaters is impractical and probably illegal, we think someone possessing one of these detectors should stand guard at every movie house door, stopping those movie-disrupting miscreants in their tracks. On the other hand, we refuse to turn off our electronic devices during airplane takeoffs and landings, so if flight attendants start wearing these, we are so busted.

    Via Ubergizmo