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Thursday Watch List: "The Office," Baby!



    Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV that may be worth staying in and plucking your eyebrows for. I knew a guy once whose girlfriend loved plucking his unibrow for him. That’s weird, right? Totally weird. LET’S GO!

    THE OFFICE – 9:00PM (NBC)

    The baby arrives. Tonight’s hour long special sees Jim and Pam become parents for the first time. And the odds are astronomically high that somehow, everyone from the office will be present during the delivery. And that’s where this show tends to go off the rails a bit.

    I assume that, while tonight’s episode focuses on the new baby, the show will avoid having the baby take center stage further down the line. That would be bad. If the baby is named Oliver, and grows into an annoying blonde kid who always seems to get himself in trouble, you have my permission to abandon ship.

    One quick note to “Office” producers: Could you make Michael a bit more believably stupid? I mean, really. Wouldn’t this guy have been fired eight years ago? Wouldn’t he have never been allowed to become boss to begin with? I’ve had plenty of incompetent, goofy bosses in my lifetime. But I haven’t had any bosses that appear incapable of tying their shoes in the morning. ANTICIPATION: PUSH! PUUUUSHHHHHH!!!


    Tonight, four people are booted, leaving us with just… SIXTEEN SINGERS? Ugh, get to the final 12 already, will you? Bill Simmons took less time finding an intern. ANTICIPATION: JAZZ HANDS!


    Tonight, Gordon curses a Manhattan Beach Italian joint all the way to success. What are the odds this restaurant will have a stubborn meathead for a chef who thinks his charred to death bisteca is far better than Chef Ramsay’s suggested new dish? Five million percent. ANTICIPATION: HOT!


    Surely, your ex-girlfriend is on this list somewhere. ANTICIPATION: DEADLY!

    101 CHOWDOWN COUNTDOWN – 10PM (Travel Channel)

    Tonight, the #1 place to chow down in America is finally revealed. Word has it the place can deep fry a buffalo in 40 seconds. Forty seconds? But I want it now! ANTICIPATION: FAT