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AT&T Gives to Japan, Caps Data at Home



    AT&T giveth and AT&T taketh.

    The once exclusive home of the Apple smartphone is giving iPhone users and all other wireless postpaid customers will be able to call or text loved ones in Japan fore free from March 11 to
    March 31.

    At the same time, AT&T announced that its Internet services will be ripping a page out of the company's iPhone playbook.

    AT&T will begin capping DSL data usage for its Internet customers starting May 2. Customers who exceed a monthly limit of 150 gigabytes of data in three separate months will be charged $10 for an extra 50 gigabytes.

    U-verse customers will get a little extra cushion. Anything over 250 gigabytes will get charged the same rate.

    AT&T says the new policy will impact less than two percent of its current customers and the company plans to "communicate early and often" when users are approaching the limit, similar to how AT&T informs iPhone users who are about to go over their cap.