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Beard Art Gets in National Museum



    The "Winter of Beard" (similar to the "Summer of George" but with less books and more money) continues!

    First it was Wilson's appearance in an NBA2K commercial, then it was Wilson taking over TBS Tyler Perry-style with his Taco Bell ads (which some people didn't like), then it was Bearded Pumpkins, then it was Wilson being 2 Legit 2 Quit for Ed Lee, and now it's Bearded artwork making it big time.

    That's right -- a painting of Brian Wilson by local SF artist Lesley Van Dalsem, will be accepted into the National Art Museum of Sport's Commitment to Excellence in Art and Sport upcoming exhibit.

    (Click to embiggen)

    Van Dalsem's awesome painting, titled Number 38, will be on display at the National Art Museum of Sport from November 1 through February 29 of 2012.

    Unfortunately for (most) Giants fans, the Museum is located in Indianapolis.

    But, hey, maybe the 49ers will make the Super Bowl and everyone can check out the Bearded Art while they're in town for that.