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Hurdle Apologizes for Bochy Bashing



    You don't have to look hard to find soeone who was upset with the decisions Bruce Bochy made with the All-Star game.

    Jack McKeon lit into Bochy for -- *gasp* -- selecting Tim Lincecum. And Clint Hurdle was extremely cheesed that Bochy didn't snag white-hot Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen as a reserve. Even Keith Olbermann got in on the fun Wednesday night.

    Now, one of those guys has backed down from their comments, and, not surprising, it's not Olbermann.

    It's Hurdle, who took offense at first to Bochy suggesting that he was lobbying for one of his guys.

    "I don't think lobbying is a part of what you do in that position," said Hurdle, via Evan Brunell at "He's earned that opportunity by winning the National League championship. I just have never lobbied, and I never got any calls from any other managers lobbying the year I did it."

    Hurdle managed the All-Star Game back in 2008 as a coach of the then-reigning-NL-champion Colorado Rockies. So he knows it's a tough process. Which may explain why he eventually cleared things up and (kind of) apologized.

    "I have the most professional respect for Boch," Hurdle said. "He's a better manager than I'll ever be. My feelings came from the heart. Diplomacy, I guess, wasn't at the top of my list that day, and I can understand that as well."

    It clearly wasn't -- his comments about Bochy "whiffing" were way over the top for one manager to say towards another, especially when the two are friends.

    "I've been on the other end of that," Hurdle continued. "I just know that I took it with a grain of salt, and he felt he made the best decision for the National League because that's his job to represent. I wish the National League nothing but the most success that we go out and win the game."

    "We've known each other back to when we were 16 years old. I can understand he's disappointed in what I had to say. I can deal with that."

    Now all we need is for McKeon and Olbermann to step up and apologize for their aggressive comments. (Funny if either of those guys do that though.)

    Oh, and for McCutchen to make the team, which he very well could, as an injury replacement, should Ryan Braun end up not playing because of a tendon injury he's dealing with.

    And there's even a decent chance that Bochy's already told Hurdle who'll replace Braun in the lineup, and it might explain why the Pirates manager decided to apologize.