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Dodgers' League: LA Team to Beat in 2013



    The champagne hasn't even quit bubbling from the Giants 2012 World Series victory, and already the Dodgers are trying to make silly claims that they -- not San Francisco -- are the team to beat in 2013.

    Well, specifically, Brandon League, who was traded to the Dodgers before the deadline last year and just signed a $20 million-plus deal with Los Angeles, is pumping L.A. up by trying to pull the Giants down.

    "The Giants had a great year," League said. "They won the games they needed to win. But I think in 2013, the Los Angeles Dodgers are going to be the team everyone wants to beat or tries to beat."

    OK then. First things first, Mr. League. Scoreboard:

    That obvious shot back, League has somewhat of a point here.

    He's obviously dead wrong when it comes to the technicality of the whole thing because the Giants, who once again, WON THE WORLD SERIES, are the team to beat. You want to be the best? You got to beat the best, son.

    League's comments ring a little true in the sense of the Dodgers becoming "Yankees West" -- they're going to spend a pile of money this offseason (they've already started), they're going to trumpet their signings and proclaim themselves the favorite for the World Series title and they're going to create a roster laden with bloated contracts.

    That will make them the "offseason champs." Offseason champs get a lot of pub ... in the offseason. But they don't hand out baseball rings in January or April. You win the championship in October and November.

    Which is precisely what the Giants just did, which is precisely why League's comment is so silly.