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Giants Fans are Most Liberal: Facebook



    Facebook is celebrating the new season with an anonymous survey of millions of fans.

    The Palo Alto-based social network revealed that San Francisco Giants fans were the most liberal. And the team's 2010 World Series opponents, the Texas Rangers, came out as the most conservative.

    Giants fans also scored fourth on the young and single list, while most older and married fans followed the St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers.

    "Baseball is a sport that is particularly about statistics, but you never really see statistics about fans," Facebook Data Scientist Jonathan Chang said.

    Anyone who clicked on the "Like" button for a team or posted a status update about a game were used in the study, which also found that:

    • A's fans were "among the youngest, most likely to be single, and most male-centric"
    • Phillies fans are the most loyal
    • Women prefer the Cardinals
    • Rangers fans are the most conservative
    • The Yankees are the most liked
    • Red Sox fans are the most spread out