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Report: Ramirez '2nd or 3rd Person Detained' in Stow Case



    One of the things that's easily to lose sight of in the wake of an arrest in the Bryan Stow case is the old legal axiom "innocent until proven guilty."

    Actually, it's more of a rule than an axiom and it's times like these that it's good to remember.

    Because right now, Giovanni Ramirez, the suspect arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department in the Bryan Stow attack is currently claiming to have an alibi that places him somewhere other than Dodger Stadium on Opening Day.

    That's what makes a report from Eric Leonard, the crime reporter for KFI AM-640 a touch unnerving.

    Leonard reports, according to SportsByBrooks, that it was "highly premature for the mayor and police chief and other officials to come out on Sunday and declare Giovanni Ramirez the primary suspect in this case."

    Leonard also adds that Ramirez isn't the first person to be arrested in connection with the attack on Bryan Stow.

    “It turns out that Ramirez is the second or third person that’s been detained, arrested and questioned in this case," Leonard said. "The other times it happened, nobody heard about it because the detectives were given the time to go out and do the investigation and as it turned out in the other cases, those people were cleared after they had been detained, questioned, had their homes searched and all of that.”

    The LAPD were scheduled to have a police lineup at 6 PM PST on Wednesday, in an attempt to determine if Ramirez is the primary suspect in the case.

    Though the LAPD hasn't commented yet on the results of the lineup, it seems likely that we could learn soon whether or not Ramirez is actually the primary suspect in the Stow case.

    And whether or not anyone jumped the gun on celebrating the arrest of a man who hasn't been proven guilty just quite yet.