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Tweeting Giant Fans Benefit From "Second Screen"

Bay Area company has stats and chats



    SportsStream Helps Fans Watch Game Two Ways

    Twitter and Facebook are just one way to get a second pair of eyes on Giants World Series game. (Published Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012)

    The best way to follow Zito and Panda without a ticket?

    Watch on TV while following along on either Twitter or Facebook. Twitter has been blowing up during the games.

    You could also try stats and chats.

    That's what a San Francisco company called SportStream gives you. Jumping on the "second screen" craze, where - according to Forrester Research - 80 percent of us watch games with a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. SportStream givies baseball fans a cool way to stay with the action, both on the field, and on their social networks.

    By integrating the best of, say,, along with Twitter and Facebook, SportStream makes your second screen more convenient than if you have to flip through apps or websites to find out what's going on, and what your friends are saying about it. "They don't DVR it, they watch it live," SportStream CEO Bob Morgan said. "Not just scores, but what are my friends saying on Twitter and Facebook."

    SportStream will even track the top teams you're not watching, and let you know if, say, the your beloved Raiders are in the red zone by highlighting a link, so you can click over and check.

    It's a good way to stay in touch - both with your favorite teams, and your favorite tweets.

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