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A Trio of Whale Festivals

It's a bevy of blow-hole-y bashes up the coast.



    FUNNY THING... About a whale festival. It's mostly on land. Well, on land and on top of the waves, which, spoiler alert, happen to be two places whales don't frequent (or so we've been told). But that doesn't stop the whales fests from drawing loads of happy pod people and lovers of all things blow hole. They come for the whale-watching cruises and they come for the cook-offs and they come for the marine-inspired art shows. And maybe, maaaaybe, if a large tail is spotted, or a gentle creature happens to breach in the distance, well. That's gravy. Gravy makes us think of chowder (both creamy and delicious) and chowder makes us think of Mendocino County and Mendocino County reminds us that it is nearly time for the Mendocinco Whale Festival, and the two nearby whale parties that immediately follow.

    FIRST UP: It's Mendo, on Saturday, March 3 and Sunday, March 4. There's a wine tasting to-do and chowder eating and horseback riding and lighthouse admiring. If you can't get enough, and we personally can't get enough of the region -- we just have to say it, all the coffee houses in the Mendocino area are coffee houses that all other coffee houses everywhere should aspire to be -- then stick around for the Little River Whale Festival the following weekend and the Fort Bragg Whale Festival the weekend after that. The bluff-blessed stretch is just that serious about loving on its migrating mammals and to that we raise a cup of carefully brewed organic java, one sugar, dash of nonfat milk.