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Bark in the Park San Jose

Dogs, pups, pooches, and waggers take over William Street Park.



    DOG'S DAY OUT: What's the mark of a seriously infatuated dog owner? Nope, it isn't the propensity to purchase costumes outside of the traditional Halloween-buying costume season. Nope, it isn't a personalized dog bed in every room of the apartment. We believe it is the desire to gather with other pup people and show off your furry one, whether via competition, quirky contests, or simply a day out in the sun with hundreds upon hundreds of other hounds. That chance is just ahead, at Bark in the Park in San Jose. The Saturday, Sept. 15 event attracts thousands; some 14,000 people is one number given by the Bark-in-the-Parkers. But there's a fine reason why: The Fido-nice to-dos are plentiful and fairly off-beat.

    EVENTS LIKE.. A pet/owner look-a-like competition. A tail-waggin', no g, competition. Herding demos, training demos, info on service dogs, and a Silly Dog Tricks area are part of the day.

    WHO BENEFITS: That's another mark of the seriously infatuated dog owner: Pooch to-dos typically raise funds for an animal organization. A $5 donation per dog is being requested; that money will lend a hand to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley and San Jose Animal Care Center. Woof. Oh, and we'd be remiss, since we mentioned costumes, if we didn't tell you this: There is indeed a costume contest. So Halloween's come early, hound-loving fashionistas.