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Bodega Bay + Chowder 4ever

Gotta have your creamy, briny goodness? Bodega Bay wants to help.



    PERFECT MEAL: There are so many quintessential California experiences that it seems unfair, and kind of wrong, to pin one to the big board and call it le ultimate. But, honestly? Slurping a tangy chowder steps from the water in the middle of winter is probably top five. Wearing a giant sweater that once belonged to your ex-boyfriend, a sweater marked with the ghosts of old chowder stains, completes the picture. Well, and a gull nearby, too. He wants any little crackers you don't break into your chowder. That, right there, is the Golden State distilled into a moment. A briny, brisk moment, and one that is hard to duplicate elsewhere. And Bodega Bay? It kind of owns the copyright to the whole big-sweater-briny-chowder-winter-day-curious-seagull California moment. We're not saying the snug little burg does it best, but. Well, wait. We probably are. Okay. Yeah. Bodega Bay kind of does it best.

    AND IT WILL BE DOING IT AGAIN... on Saturday, Jan. 26 at the 10th Annual Bodega Bay Chowder Day. Hungry chowderists will pay ten bucks to sample a total of 20+ ounces of chowdery goodness (goodness that hails from local restaurants). So prepare yourself for thick and for spicy and for neutral and for clam-tastic. Nope, you don't need to wear the big sweater, though you should have it tied around your waist at least. Nope, you don't need to make conversation with any gulls that get too close. Nope, you don't need to think of Bodega Bay as a chowder capital... wait. Yes. Yes you do, on that last one. Definitely.