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Bodega Bay Fetes "The Birds" on Its 50th

A famous location, a famous film, and five decades of creepy caw-caws.



    LOCATION + MOVIE = FUN: Film lovers have long made note of the locations where their favorite movies were shot. Getting to see the movie in or near the spot was a bonus, but not always possible, given the fact that there might not be a movie theater around (we're looking at you, Devil's Tower and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"). Then a few years ago the Alamo Drafthouse struck upon a rather wonderful idea. Packing up some new and vintage gems, the Texas-based cinema lovers hit the road to screen movies in their most iconic locations. So "Dirty Harry" was screened in Washington Square Park and "The Godfather" in NYC's own Little Italy. And while the Rolling Roadshow picked some of the best from both categories -- movies and places -- there is a town that is so much associated with the movie that was made there that fans regularly make pilgrimages. A mint green suit, a phone booth, and a small boat are three hints, but the photo above tells the rest: It's Bodega Bay, the foggy, feathery setting for Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds."

    CAW CAW CAW CAW: The tense, from-the-skies scarer is marking 50 years, and the town its so tied to will screen it not once but three times over a single day in celebration. The date? Saturday, March 23. The extras? Dan Sneed, an expert on all matters of Hitch, will talk about Birdly things. Souvenirs shall be for sale, too. Memorabilia will be around for the looking. Oh? And the money goes to art education at area schools. Oh. Perhaps we should mention that famous schoolhouse in the film. It still stands, though a bit out of town. Now, Birds buffs, are you on? And are you totally wearing a mint green suit, a la Ms. Hedren, with a fake bird or two glued to your hair? It isn't Halloween if we don't see that costume. We hope a couple come out for this special celebration.