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Bodega Bay Int'l Short Film Festival



    SHORE-CLOSE CINEMA: There are a couple of things to be said about the Bodega Bay International Short Film Festival, which is unspooling in the coastal town over the Memorial Day Weekend. First off, it is a two-day festival, it should be noted. Oftentimes a Memorial Day Weekend event goes for the three-day sprawl, but the dates for this one are Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29. Second, it has "International" in its name, meaning the films will come from all over the planet. That said, there is a Petaluma filmmaker's work on the fest's Facebook page that looks particularly mind-bending (it is a story told with candlewax).

    OTHER EXTRAS: Mr. Ed Begley, Jr. will be a jurist, and other filmmakers and editors and smart cinema types will be showing up to chat and panel and such. Oh, and the location is billed as "the Stunning UCD Bodega Marine Lab" (the photograph bears out the qualifier "stunning"). We've never watched movies in a marine lab. Have you? That alone could get us up Bodega-way (but great films definitely help).