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Car Charging Station Debuts at Creekside Inn



    TWO STATIONS: Cars and hotels go way back. Of course, the inn predates the automobile by thousands of years, but once the car zoomed on the scene, hotels sprung up like great, box-shaped flowers all over hither and yon. So it is always interesting to see how much attention a hotel will give the cars its guests arrive in. Chalk one up in the "a lot of attention" to Creekside Inn in Palo Alto. Nope, the woodsy destination didn't add a parking lot; rather, it acquired two new car charging stations, and just in time for Earth Week 2011.

    GUESTS OR NOT: The ribbon was cut on the pair of charging stations on Monday, April 18; both guests and non-guests may use them. Charging a not-quite-empty battery'll take about four hours, which will give drivers a chance to chill by the creek (the name of the hotel isn't just a fancy bit of fiction). Or, better yet, four hours is just enough for a luxurious nap. Everyone naps on vacation, right? There oughta be a rule.

    PACKAGES: The hotel has a few packages not related to the stations. If you're sweet on Stanford, best check out the Fan-Tastic Package.