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Crab Catch at Nick's Cove

The Tomales Bay getaway prepares for the tasty crustacean.



    NOVEMBER DUNGENESS: While some look to Thanksgiving and the other holidays of the late fall after Halloween wraps, others around our state look to the opening of Dungeness Crab season. And while home chefs and restaurants that specialize in seafood specialties definitely have "early Nov." marked on their calendars, some places plan an entire day around the annual Dungeness to-do. Nick's Cove & Cottages on Tomales Bay is stepping into that salty fray with its first-ever Crab Catch on Sunday, Nov. 11.

    CRAB CATCH: It's not simply a catchy name, Crab Catch, but it describes some of the goings-on that'll be going down at the much-photographed getaway. There is indeed a crab-catching competition, a "Crabby Hour" (yep, think happy hour but with a heavy influence of crab meat), and a three-course menu which will benefit Petaluma education. Oh, and a demo with Chef Austin Perkins of Nick's Cove.

    THE DETAILS: The crab-catching contest starts at 10 a.m., and there'll be a few categories, including most crabs hauled in and the biggest crab caught. But the day itself'll stretch from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nice Sunday out on the Bay, or near it, for the crustacean lover.

    AND IF YOU'RE NOT INTO CRABS? No need to be there Nov. 11. Nick's has a few packages on, including a kayak adventure. Oh, and the water-close cottages are dog-friendly to boot.