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Danville Thursday Nights

Two summer-sweet nights feature the area's restaurants and businesses.



    QUESTION: Do you love an easy-breezy summertime festival? Danville does, too. Or maybe that should be "two" since the town'll be throwing a duo of shop-and-strolls over the summer of 2012. This is worth noting because many places just go with a single night alfresco thing in any given season. Also? Danville. Highly strollable. If you're in our camp on the "highly strollable" thing, and you, too, like a summertime evening walkaround, mark Thursday, July 12 and Thursday, Aug. 9 on the calendar. Oh, and write Danville Thursday Night Street Festival there, too. If the hours'll help, here they are: 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

    WHAT'LL BE HAPPENING: Plenty of booths spinning off from Prospect and Hartz Avenues. "Bistro dining" (tres Danville, in our books). And kid to-dos. And, yep, dogs are welcome, which is pretty dang Danville. Okay, let's be honest, that's pretty dang everywhere in the area. For this we are glad, because there was a time when the world wasn't quite as BYOD. Or is it the dogs who bring us?

    OTHER SUMMER THINGS: Danville also has a pair of car show nights just ahead (July 19 and Aug. 16). There's also an Art & Wine Stroll to get the season well wrapped up on Thursday, Aug. 23.