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Easter Bunny Safari Search

The happy hunt is on not for eggs but the Big Rabbit.



    WATCH FOR THE EARS: Whatever you're searching for come Easter morn, we're betting you're looking down while doing so. You're peeking under this low-hanging leaf and that rose, and you've got a basket nearby in which to gently stack your eggy finds. Yep, most of us have an eye out for colorful ovals on the springiest of holidays, but that isn't the full story at Santa Rosa's Safari West. Kids arrive on Easter Sunday not simply to look for eggs -- egg-looking is indeed a part of the day, we should say -- but to keep watch for the Big Bunny himself. We're going to pause here to think back; have we ever joined a celebration in which the star rabbit was what was hidden? It's a nice twist on something kids love to do, anyway.

    GET YOUR PACKAGE: Safari West offers a few packages with the knowledge that families are often busy on the holiday. There's a morning package and an afternoon package, and one that will just get you into brunch, too, if that's all you desire. Oh, and we should add that part of the fun of looking for the six-foot-tall rabbit -- though he might even be bigger, what with those pointy ears -- is that you'll be a Safari West. So will there be loads of other animals to admire? There will be indeed. Do you think the Easter Bunny hangs with the wildebeests when his work has wrapped? We like to think so. Easter is on Sunday, April 8.