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Festival of the Winds



    COLORFUL SKIES: If you had to name your four favorite words in a row, what four favorite words would those be? "I love you lots" is probably up there. Or "here, take this pie" is good. We're rather partial to Festival of the Winds, which just happens to be a kite-focused party in Marina, which is just a pip north-ish of Monterey. Rare is the festival that fetes an unseen thing, so those particular four words hold oodles of beauty and mystery. But Festival of the Winds has some competition in the four-word race, unfortunately. We read there will be a Giant Inflatable Air Park at the fest, and those four words now might be our favorite four ever.

    MAY 7 and 8, 2011: The kite-twirly, inflatable-zany party is going down, or up rather, over Mother's Day weekend, meaning that if your special lady likes airborne artworks, this might be her ideal day out (we're not saying brunch shouldn't also be involved, because it definitely should be, seeing as how she is your mom and all). It's a free event, and there's more too it beyond the kites and the bouncy-bouncing; hang-gliders will be above the beach, and there'll be gliding demos at the fest. Can you see your mom in the demo harness? Maybe it has been a dream of hers. Ask.