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Grand Grape Celebration: Yosemite Wine Time

Everyone raise a glass: The lauded libation seminars open for 2017.



    Grand Grape Celebration: Yosemite Wine Time
    Everyone raise a glass: The lauded libation seminars open on Sunday, Nov. 5.

    HOPING THAT YOU MEET A WINEMAKER... from the winery you're visiting? It's a wish that many an oenophile holds as they stop by a pretty vineyard to try the newest riesling. There's no mystery behind this dream: Lovers of fine vinos would adore hearing what the wine pro has to say on a variety of topics, including their own signature libations. But those who turn grapes into liquid enchantment are typically quite busy, and finding time to really hear from them on the subject matter they know best isn't always to be. But The Great Grape Celebration at the Majestic Hotel in Yosemite National Park is very much about carving out that important time between fans and makers, and has been for nearly four decades. The multi-session happening, which gives wine and food fans a chance to select from six three- and four-day sessions happening through November and early December 2017, has a cozy spirit, one that gives winemakers a chance to meet the fans and chat about every detail of wine craftsmanship and wine enjoyment. Session one is just ahead, from...

    SUNDAY, NOV. 5 THROUGH WEDNESDAY, NOV. 8, and Shauna Rosenblum of Rock Wall Wine Co. of Alameda, Alan Cannon of Rombauer Vineyards of St. Helena, Ed Kurtzman of August West in San Francisco, and Hardy Wallace of Dirty & Rowdy Family in Winery are the four guests during the first happening. Several more winemakers and experts are to come, so see if your favorite label-amazing go-to is on the list. There's a lodging package, too, should you want to soak up all of those brilliant fall oaks and gloriously crisp Sierra breezes that Yosemite Valley has a way of delivering in November. All of the things that you'll need to get started? Raise a glass.