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Grilled Cheese Festival: Sactown Savory

Two slices of bread, some melty yum, and... bliss. Find it over the second weekend of April in the Capital City.



    Grilled Cheese Festival: Sactown Savory
    Grilled Cheese
    Is this the ultimate pull-over, stop-the-car, road-trip meal? Find it in its many gooey forms, in Sacramento.

    THE GOOEY-O-SITY... of a classic, diagonally sliced grilled cheese sandwich is frequently commented upon by those who write about such things (sandwiches and gooeyness). And, frankly, how melty a slice of American cheese can get is rather astounding, and noteworthy, so it makes complete sense that the gooey factor would rank high among an eater's initial observations. But, if we might, we'd like to pause here and pay homage to the feel of a quintessential grilled cheese, and not just the mouthfeel. Rather, think of how the toasted, slightly buttery bread feels to the fingertips, and how that sensation almost strictly belongs to this superstar of a sandwich. If you're a grilled-cheesy gourmand, through and through, from the way it feels to hold a sandwich to the best combos of cheese to the ideal bread, best unhand that loaf and block of cheddar and consider a trip to the Capital City over the second weekend in April. For that's when the...

    SACRAMENTO GRILLED CHEESE FESTIVAL... will take place, over two gloriously gooey days. While the Saturday, April 8 event is sold out, Sunday, April 9 is wonderfully open, and all ages, too. Admission is ten bucks, there shall be live tunes, and there shall be a Kid Zone, for the younger grilled cheese fans in the crowd. And the beneficiary of the festival? The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America. If this is your main meal, one that is memorable in multiple ways (taste, texture, and, yes, how the bread feels), consider going Sactown for the superstar sandwich.