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Mardi Gras Revelry at the Ryde



    WEEKEND PARTY: Greetings, Mardi Gras. How are you? We're fans, really, of everything you represent. Except there's that whole "happens on a Tuesday" deal. We know, "Tuesday" happens to be in your very name, so that's probably not going to change. It's just that, well, mid-week isn't the most convenient of times to let loose for a lot of people. So we're always on the look-out for the Saturday celebration, either before or after. Mind? No? Good.

    AFTER AFFAIR: A fine "after" party in 2011 looks to be the one shaking it in Walnut Grove on Saturday, March 12. It's happening at the Ryde Hotel, a historic, old-timey inn indeed, and there will be dinner and music and a talk about the haunted hotel (haunted hotels are perfectly New Orleans, too). Also, the Ryde is very California Delta, and if you think delta-adjacent celebrating and Fat Tuesday just go hand-in-bead-holding-hand, you'd be correct. A ticket to the Ryde affair is $48.