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Sausage Making Day

Get your hands in and gain a traditional skill.



    HOW DOES IT GO? The old saying? There are variations. "It's like watching sausage get made" is one take. The upshot is that some people don't want to watch the sausage get made. What can we do to change minds on that topic? We should all want to watch the sausage get made. Heck, we should want to make the sausage ourselves. That is, if we love to cook and we like to eat sausage. After all, if you're making the sausage then you're controlling the spice and herb level. You're making your perfect frank. And, to be frank, that's a skill many a cook could use. Thank goodness there's a full-on sausage-making class at Seghesio Winery in Healdsburg on Saturday, Dec. 10.

    CLASS TIME: Some of the classes are all booked up -- no shocker there -- but there are a few slots open. Cost is sixty bucks, and you'll get a nice hot plate of fancy risotto and a glass of Seghesio red to enjoy, too, after all the sausage-makery. You'll want to discuss with other sausage cooks (sausagests?) over the vino, right? It's brag-worthy, especially if you intend to continue your lessons and knowledge in your own kitchen.