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Skiing Goes Long at Homewood



    MARCH FLURRIES: There must be some golden aphorism somewhere that talks about March snows. We're thinking it is from the "if April showers bring May flowers" family. Because March snows have a way of not summoning buds, but boards, and boarders, and a lot of people who want to ski well into the middle of the spring season. And they can, certainly in 2011, at various spots that are nudging the closing of the slopes just a little later. Or, more than a little later at places like Homewood Mountain Resort.

    TAHOE DATES: The resort, which is situated on the western part of Lake Tahoe, has announced new dates following all of that lovely March flurrydom. There will be daily skiing through Monday, April 11, and then the following two weekends will be three-day-ers on the slopes (note that the weekend of April 22-24 is Easter, and sure to be bustling). There may be additional weekends added, so best watch the Homewood site for announcements. And, while waiting, please work on that March snows bring boarders galore saying. We feel like one should probably exist.